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The Briggantine Newsletter

Briggatine Newsletter CoverThe Briggantine is a publication of Lyman Briggs College. It is generally sent by regular Postal Service to all Briggs alumni, donors and friends for whom we have valid addresses. If you would like to update your address or have stories/information you would like to share with the Lyman Briggs Alumni Community, send to Briggantine.

With the help of Dennis Fitzgerald (1972, Computer Science) we have obtained many of the Briggantine's and Alumni News publications from prior to 2005. These have been added to the archives for your pleasure. Thanks Dennis! If you have copies of publications that are not listed here please submit them to the editor of the Briggantine.

Briggantine Archive:

Alumni News

Briggantine Editor:

Development and Alumni Relations Office at:, or call (517) 355-3466.