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Some scientists share better than others
Some scientists share better than others. While astronomers and geneticists embrace the concept, the culture of ecology still has a ways to go.

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Dr. Arthur Ward's Academic Ice Bucket Lesson Plan
Arthur Ward teaches a unit on charitable giving in his ethics course and has come up with a way of doing so that gets the students really interested and involved.

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Dr. Mark Largent discusses Ebola hype on WILX
Dr. Mark Largent, Associate Dean of Lyman Briggs College and Associate Professor for James Madison College, comments on the recent Ebola hype.

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LBC hosts Summer Undergraduate Research Institute in Experimental Mathematics
For 8 weeks during the summer, 18 students from across the country participated in the Summer Undergraduate Research Institute in Experimental Mathematics hosted by Lyman Briggs College. The program is a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in mathematics.

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$5 million grant to help STEM students attain goals
Dean Simmons is helping to lead a new program called STEM Success. The program has received a $5 million grant from the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation.

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Dr. Kevin Elliott discusses industry funded research on WKAR
Federal funding for scientific research, in everything from energy to biomedical science, has flatlined in recent years. Some scientists worry that means the U.S. will fall behind other countries in scientific and technological advancements. But it also means an increasing share of the nation’s research is done by industry.

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LBC Speaker Series: Engines of Knowledge or Merchants of Doubt: Can We Trust Industry-Funded Research?
Private industry now pays for about two-thirds of scientific research and development in the US, but there have been notable cases in which industry- funded research has been manipulated and designed to produce misleading results that harm the public. Prominent examples include tobacco-industry studies developed to exonerate cigarettes and second-hand smoke, pharmaceutical research strategically designed to assist with marketing, and fossil-fuel industry efforts to challenge research on climate change. This talk will explore these worries about industry-funded research, examine the conditions under which research tends to be inappropriately influenced, and offer some suggestions for promoting research that can be widely trusted.

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Diversity could lead to ethical behaviors among scientists
Does belonging to a diverse research team make scientists more prone to share their data and give appropriate credit to colleagues in their publications?

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Dr. Sean Valles publishes article on bioethics and the framing of climate change communications
Dr. Sean Valles, Associate Professor of HPS at Lyman Briggs College, has published a new article titled “Bioethics and the Framing of Climate Change’s Health Risks” in the journal, Bioethics. In his article, Dr. Valles discusses the potential for bioethicists to help reframe climate changes communications to focus on public health impacts.

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LBC Career Newsletter 9/15-9/28
Looking for a job on campus? This week's career newsletter highlights jobs at MSU's plant pathology lab and MSU's FRIB.

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New Camera Monitors Seasonal Changes of the Sanford Natural Area
You don’t need to live in Holmes Hall anymore to have a great view of the Sanford Natural Area behind our building. The Sanford Natural Area is one of 86 research sites across North America where researchers are collecting data on vegetation by using digital cameras known as “phenocams.” A phenocam mounted on the roof of Holmes Hall takes images of Sanford Natural Area and uploads them to a server at the University of New Hampshire.

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LBC students study abroad in Italy
Forrest and Tyler are first-year students in Lyman Briggs College. They studied abroad in Italy this summer through MSU’s Freshman Seminar Abroad Program.

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Dr. Aklilu Zeleke receives Faculty Mentoring Award
Associate Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Aklilu Zeleke, has been selected as a recipient of a 2014 Faculty Mentoring Award from the Mathematics and Computer Science Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research. This award honors faculty for their outstanding work in mentoring undergraduate students in research. The Chair of the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science writes, Dr. Zeleke “was chosen because of the success he has had in directing undergraduate research and the impact his effort has had on these students. We commend him for his great work in mentoring undergraduates.”

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Dr. Catherine Westfall receives 2014-2015 Samuel von Pufendorf Visiting Research Fellowship
Dr. Catherine Westfall was named a 2014-2015 Samuel von Pufendorf Visiting Research Fellowship in June 2014.  Her award letter notes that “this highly competitive and prestigious award” is given to recognize her “research accomplishments.”  As part of the award, Prof. Westfall will spend most of her time from January to June 2015 at Lund University.  There she will contribute to a research project, “Exploring challenges for New Big Science: The realization of ESS and MAX IV in Lund,” give a public lecture and graduate seminars, and mentor graduate students. 

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LBC Introduces New Writing Studio Program to Curriculum
Lyman Briggs College is partnering with MSU’s Writing Center to incorporate a writing studio pilot program into its History, Philosophy, and Sociology (HPS) curriculum. Beginning this fall semester, students enrolled in LBC’S Introductory HPS course, LB 133, will participate in a weekly 1-hour writing studio session outside of their regularly scheduled class time.

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Journal of Inorganic and General Chemistry's cover features research and artwork by Dr. Robert LaDuca and three LBC students
Congrats to Dr. LaDuca and LBC students Angela Porta, Megan O'Donovan, and Maria Torres-Salgado! Their research is featured as the cover article of this month's Journal of Inorganic and General Chemistry. The full article is available on the journal's website.

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Dr. Montgomery will help create traveling exhibit showcasing women in paleontology
Beginning this October, LBC’s Dr. Georgina Montgomery will work with the Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) as well as other historians, scientists, and educators to plan and design a traveling exhibition that will share the challenges and triumphs of the women – past and present – who strived for equality in the field of paleontology.

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Dr. Urquhart comments on proposed Gran Canal in Nicaragua
LBC's Dr. Jerry Urquhart explains how the proposed Gran Canal could affect Nicaragua's people and biodiversity.


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