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Dr. Urquhart comments on proposed Gran Canal in Nicaragua
LBC's Dr. Jerry Urquhart explains how the proposed Gran Canal could affect Nicaragua's people and biodiversity.

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Facts and values: What’s it take to be an effective scientist?
Michigan State University’s Robert Pennock and colleagues will be using a $1 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation to explore the topic.

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LBC junior partners with public health organizations in Malawi
Morgan McLane is a junior in Lyman Briggs College studying human biology and nutritional science. She spent her summer partnering with two public health organizations in Malawi.

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Humanities Strengthen Science
Dean Elizabeth Simmons describes her unique experience at the Yale School of Medicine's brain collection and discusses how the humanities strengthen science.

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MSU study finds partisan politics influence public views on environmental policy
New research from Michigan State University finds Americans are becoming more divided over environmental protection and they seem to be getting their cue mainly from Congress. Aaron McCright is a sociologist at MSU and the lead author of the study. He writes that things weren’t always so partisan. In fact, many landmark environmental laws were born during the Nixon Administration.

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Congressional rift over environmental protection sways public
American citizens are increasingly divided over the issue of environmental protection and seem to be taking their cue primarily from Congress, finds new research led by a Michigan State University scholar.

The gap between conservatives who oppose environmental protection and liberals who support it has risen drastically in the past 20 years, a trend seen among lawmakers, activists and – as the study indicates – the general public as well, said sociologist Aaron M. McCright.

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LBC sophomore studies simulated galaxies
Claire Kopenhafer is a Lyman Briggs sophomore studying physics. This summer she is working on a research project titled "Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy of Distant Galaxies" with Dr. Brian O'Shea of Lyman Briggs College.

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LBC junior studies moths in East Lansing
Katie Glover is a Lyman Briggs junior studying human biology and following a pre-med/pre-ophthalmology track. She is working as a summer research assistant with Dr. Peter White who is an Assistant Professor of Biology in Lyman Briggs College.

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Professor Naoko Wake publishes new book: Hiroshima/Nagasaki Beyond the Ocean
Professor Naoko Wake has published a co-authored book (with Shinpei Takeda) Hiroshima/Nagasaki Beyond the Ocean. Written in English and Japanese, the book combines oral histories of North American and South American survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 with images of key moments in their life histories. Wake was part of a program in July at the Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims that featured the book.

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Dean Simmons recommended to serve as acting dean for College of Arts and Letters
Tapped for her strong administrative experience and appreciation for interdisciplinary studies, Elizabeth Simmons, dean of Michigan State University’s Lyman Briggs College, is being recommended to serve as acting dean of the College of Arts and Letters, effective Aug. 1.

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LBC alumna gives back to community in Uganda
Lyman Briggs College alumna Sarah Scott first traveled to Kibale, Uganda as an undergraduate in 2013 through a study abroad program titled “Evolution of Uganda’s Forest Biodiversity: Apes to Aves.” While in Kibale, Sarah and her classmates tent camped, studied local birds and primates, and learned about rainforest conservation.

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LBC sophomore interns with The National Institutes of Health
Alana O'Mara is an incoming sophomore at Lyman Briggs College. She is interning this summer with The National Institutes of Health and has shared a reflection and photos of her internship experience. Stay tuned for more reflections from LBC students about their summer adventures!

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Dr. Georgina Montgomery will give talk at King's College London
Dr. Georgina Montgomery, Assistant Professor of HPS in Lyman Briggs College, has been invited to give a talk as part of the Science, Technology, and Medicine Colloquia in the Department of History at Kings College London on June 25th. The talk is titled: “What Does Inclusion Mean in the ‘Goddess Discipline:’ Expanding the Circle in Primate Studies." Below is the abstract for her talk:

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Dr. Valles Publishes Article in Inside Higher Ed
In order for colleges to function as inclusive communities of responsible and respected members, all of their adults must be treated as adults. Yet, many of my faculty colleagues habitually call their undergraduates “kids” by default. They should stop. In addition to usually being false, it is demeaning and it tacitly encourages the immature behaviors we all bemoan.

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Friday Harbor Study Away
Friday Harbor Laboratories is one of the oldest marine laboratories in the United States. Located north of Seattle in the San Juan Islands, Friday Harbor has been an important setting for research on marine biology, oceanography and fisheries. Its surrounding waters are clean, there is little boat traffic, and it boasts an impressive variety of terrestrial and aquatic organisms. Historically and still today, Friday Harbor Laboratories has been a place where scientists and their families have lived and learned together in community. - See more at:

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LBC junior selected as one of first MSU Beckman Scholars
LBC junior, Sara MacLachlan, is one of three MSU students selected as Beckman Scholars. MSU was chosen as a host institution for the Beckman Scholars Program in February.

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$1.5 Million Award Bolsters MSU Commitment to Math and Sciences
Michigan State University has been awarded $1.5 million from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to expand efforts for students in science to learn effectively and graduate successfully, especially those who belong to groups underrepresented in science.

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Two LBC Alumni receive National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships
Nathan Johns and Shan Kothari have been selected as 2014 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellows.


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