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Degree Requirements
For any undergraduate degree from Michigan State University, Briggs students must fulfill three sets of requirements:
  1. University Requirements - including courses in integrative studies in both social studies (ISS), and arts and humanities (IAH). For information on how to complete these and obtain Briggs credit, visit the HPS for Integrative Studies page.
  2. Lyman Briggs College Requirements - please visit the Courses page.
  3. Major Requirements - please visit the Majors page.

In the sidebar to the right, you will find links to all the necessary information about completing degree requirements at MSU. Also consider further ways to individualize your schedule, which include the following: get involved in Undergraduate Research, design your own Independent Study or research project (under the supervision of a professor/instructor), or participate in an international experience like Study Abroad. For help with degree requirements, or if you have any questions about how to individualize your schedule, please contact our advising office by calling (517)353-6480 or emailing


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