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Students at Briggs study biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and HPS.

What We Do
Academic advisement is a significant component of the Briggs program. The Briggs advising office does not assign students to specific advisors; students can see any Briggs advisor and are free to request a specific one. Additionally, each major has a specific program or departmental advisor as well. Once declared, students work with both Briggs and major advisors to form educational plans and to make the most of their college experiences.

The partnership between students and their academic advisors are especially important: students and advisors work together to shape both semester-by-semester and long-term academic plans, create effective course schedules, locate and utilize campus resources, address problems and concerns, and explore the wide range of possibilities at Lyman Briggs College and MSU.

It is the students' responsibility to consult with their academic advisors regarding their academic schedules each semester, to drop and add classes, and to plan approved programs for graduation. At least one of the professional advisors is on duty from 8:00 to 5:00 - Monday through Friday - to talk with students and answer questions. Please visit the Meeting With an Advisor page for more information on appointments and availability.

If students change their area(s) of academic interest, they should report this to the Briggs Office for referral to appropriate advisors and so that their records can be recoded to reflect the changes.


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