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Clark Fund for Science Communication

Effective science communication is crucial for cultivating a public well-informed about the important science-based policy issues of our era. The Clark Fund for Science Communication supports the efforts of LBC students to promote effective communication of scientific information to the general public.

We invite all full-time LBC students to submit a proposal for an activity to help improve science communication. The spring 2015 competition will award up to $3000 across all deserving proposals.

What This Fund Supports
Through scholarships to individual LBC students, the Clark Fund for Science Communication supports activities related to science communication that may be classified as research, professional development, and outreach and engagement.

—examining the effectiveness of different aspects of science communication (e.g., messengers, content of messages, message media/modes of delivery);
—helping us better understand the values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of science communication audiences; or
—more clearly identifying the obstacles to effective science communication.

—applying insights from existing scholarship to design activities that may improve the training of science communicators; or
—implementing a training program to hone the skills of science communicators

—applying insights from existing scholarship to run a service-learning project on science communication in the community
—working with professional science communicators (e.g., science journalists, museum educators/curators, science advocates) to codify “best practices” of science communication.

Who is Eligible to Apply
Any student enrolled full-time in Lyman Briggs College may apply. The student must also be enrolled full-time in LBC in the fall semester when the award is dispersed. The student is required to work with a faculty mentor. This faculty mentor need not be LBC faculty.

Evaluation Criteria
The Review Committee will consider the following criteria when evaluating the proposals: quality/rigor of the proposed activity; likely impact of the proposed activity; relevance of proposed activity to student’s anticipated career field or graduate education; and student’s grade point average. Priority will be given to applicants working with LBC faculty, although others are encouraged to apply. Students should briefly address these criteria in their proposals.

Deadlines and Award Timing
Completed proposals will be accepted until 5:00 PM on Thursday April 16, 2015. Award recipients will be notified via e-mail on May 1, 2015. Within six weeks of notification of the award, recipients shall express acceptance and appreciation of the award in writing to: Michael and Sandra Clark; 4767 Loch Lomond Street; Holt, MI 48824. The scholarship funds will be direct deposited into an award recipient’s MSU account in the fall 2015 semester once the faculty mentor notifies the LBC Office of Academic Affairs that the student has initiated his/her activity. Students who are currently receiving financial aid are responsible for checking with the Office of Financial Aid to be sure that this additional award money will not affect their overall financial aid packets.

How to Apply for this Scholarship Award
1. Download the application in Microsoft Word, fill it out, and print out the completed form. Obtain the required signatures indicated on the form. On this application form, the student will detail the requested budget for his/her proposed activity, describing each budget entry and its estimated cost.
2. Write a 2-3 page description of your proposed activity. This description should be single-spaced, typed in size 11 Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins all around.

A. Describe in your own words the specific justification(s) for and/or objective(s) of your proposed activity.
B. Describe clearly in sufficient detail your proposed activity and its expected outcome(s).
C. Describe how this proposed activity relates to your anticipated career field or graduate education.

3. Obtain a letter of support from your faculty mentor. This letter should address how well the student and proposed activity meet the evaluation criteria.
4. Submit (a) the completed application form, (b) your 2-3 page description of your proposed activity, and (c) the letter of support from your faculty mentor to the LBC Office of Academic Affairs in E-35 Holmes Hall.