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Undergraduate Research Funding

Up to three $1,000 awards are funded each Fall semester and up to four $1,000 awards each Spring. Funds from these awards are generally to be used for student stipends; exceptions should be explained and justified. Awards will be released when the mentor informs the LBC Office of Student Affairs that the student has initiated their project. Student awardees and their mentors are required to file a brief assessment report as a follow-up to their projects.

Any student in Lyman Briggs College can apply. Awards will be selected on the basis of both merit and financial need.

NOTE: Disbursement of funds: Award money will be directly deposited into students' MSU accounts. Students who are currently receiving financial aid are responsible for checking with the Office of Financial Aid to be sure that this additional award money will not affect their overall financial aid packets.

Criteria for Selection
The Associate Deans will consider the following characteristics when selecting the recipients of the LBC Undergraduate Research Support Program: quality of the research proposal, relevance to proposed career field or graduate education, financial need, and grade point average. Priority will be given to applicants working with LBC faculty, although others are encouraged to apply. Preference will also be given to undergraduates who have not previously received funding or pay for performing research in an MSU lab. Candidates should briefly address these criteria in their proposals.

Time Commitment
While you would not need to enroll for research credit, you would be expected to engage in a research project for approximately 8 to 10 hours per week during the academic year (fall and spring semester) and at least 20 hours per week during the summer.

Required Presentation of Work
Students who receive funds are expected to present their results at a local research forum, such as the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum held in early April, the LBC Spring Research Symposium, a similar departmental program, or at a regional or national meeting. This presentation should be within two semesters after receiving support. If you receive support for more than one semester during any academic year, you would be required to give only one presentation for that year if the support is for the same research project.

To apply, you must be enrolled as a full-time student in Lyman Briggs College, except during the summer. Students eligible for summer support must have been enrolled as a full-time student during the prior spring semester and not have graduated.

How to Apply for these Awards
Complete the appropriate Undergraduate Research Support Application(s) and print out a copy of the completed form. Obtain the signatures indicated on the form.

  1. In addition to filling out the following application, please write a 1-2 page description of your research project and proposed use of the funds. Include a description (in your own words) of the specific research goals (i.e., expected outcomes of the research) and professional development goals (i.e., how this experience will contribute to your career aspirations) for the project. While not required, please mention any previous research experience.

  2. Obtain a letter of support from your research mentor.

  3. Submit the completed application, 1-2 page description, and letter of support in person or by email to:
    Cara Ballinger
    Assistant to the Associate Deans
    Lyman Briggs College
    Office of Academic Affairs
    W-185 West Holmes Hall
    East Lansing, MI 48825