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Travel Support for LBC Students for Conference Participation

Applications for student travel grants (up to $250.00) are now available to LBC students who are presenting their research at a professional conference.

The following stipulations apply:

1) Students must be presenting their work–not just attending the conference.

2) Must complete the application and provide all required documentation and signatures.

3) Must include a copy of the original abstract submitted to the conference for which they are requesting travel funding.

4) Must provide evidence that their paper or poster has been accepted for presentation at the Conference (acceptance letter or conference program).

5) Must fill out all travel authorization paperwork in the Dean's Office before traveling (28 East Holmes).

6) Must present original receipts upon return to the Dean's Office in order to be reimbursed.

7) Upon return, must file a brief final report, including any plans for publication or further research.

8) Must acknowledge funding support from all relevant sources in any presentations or publications related to the research.

Other: Students are encouraged to ask for matching funds from their major Department or supervising professor, and from the Honors College. (You do not need to be a member of the Honors College to request conference travel support from them, although Honors College members may have priority if demand is high.) Once the application is turned in and approved, Lyman Briggs College will also request funds from MSU's Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities office on the student's behalf.

Travel Grant Application