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Student Drivers of MSU-owned Vehicles

Very often LBC courses take excursions for student enrichment, so I wanted to attract the community's attention to some important policy changes coming online regarding MSU student drivers of MSU owned vehicles. MSU Transportation Services now requires some additional vetting of all MSU student drivers via Risk Management. I've attached the required fillable PDF form to this email. Although the form says "Non-Employee Student Driver Authorization," this authorization is now required of ALL students, whether already an MSU employee or not. There is a section the student must fill out and sign, along with a section filled out by Denise Poirier in the Dean's Office. She will then forward this on to Risk Management, who will check the student's driving record. If the student passes the vetting process, Risk Management will approve the form and send it back to the Dean's Office for the Dean's signature. This form must be filled out and submitted to Risk Management for each and every student driver. The student would need to obtain the completed form from Denise Poirier, and present it at Transportation Services in order to pick up a vehicle. Do note that Risk Management says that the vetting process will take 3 to 5 business days, so please plan accordingly when arranging field trips involving MSU-owned vehicles from Transportation Services. All students and faculty partaking in the excursion must also have completed Travel Authorization forms on file in the Dean's Office for each trip, per usual practice.

MSU Transportation Services Policy

Non-Employee Student Driver Authorization