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Kendra Spence Cheruvelil
Kendra Spence Cheruvelil, Ph.D.

Department: Biology
Address: E-186 Holmes
Phone: (517) 353-9528

Pronouns: she/her/hers

To learn more about Dr. Cheruvelil visit her website.

    2010 -Michigan State University Environmental Faculty Fellow
    2010 -Michigan State University Curricular Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Award
    2009 -Michigan State University Lilly Teaching Fellowship

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, (Cheruvelil), Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowship Program - N.Skaff [2016 -2019] $51,000
    National Science Foundation, (Soranno, Zhou, Tan, Cheruvelil), Collaborative Proposal: MSB-FRA: A Macrosystems Framework for Continental-Scale Prediction and Understanding of Lakes [2016 -2021] $2,041,750
    Michigan State University Science and Society at State Collaborative Grant Award, (Latimore, Burroughs, Cheruvelil, Dreelin, Halpern, Nichols), Innovations in Science Communication and Engagement: Exploring How Better Training Can Improve Outcomes for Science and Society [2016 -2016] $10,000
    Michigan State University Science and Society at State Collaborative Grant Award, (PI: Patricia Soranno, Co-PIs: Kendra Spence Cheruvelil, Kevin Elliott, Georgina Montgomery, Pang-Ning Tan), Conceptions of Good Science in a Data-Rich World [2015 -2016] $10,000
    National Science Foundation, (Elliott, Cheruvelil, Montgomery, Settles, Soranno), Ethical Standards and Practices of Environmental Scientists: Does Team Diversity Matter? [2014 -2019] $600,000
    Huron River Watershed Council , (Cheruvelil, Soranno), Revision, update, and validation of the lake-specific model for establishing expected nutrient conditions in Michigan lakes [2012 -2014] $116,965
    U.S. Geological Survey, (Bartholic, Wolfson, Cheruvelil, Gasteyer), 2012 Annual NIWR USGS Project [2012 -2016] $92,335
    National Science Foundation Macrosystems Program, (Soranno, Cheruvelil, Tang, Stanley, Lottig, Downing), The Effects of Cross-scale Interactions on Freshwater Ecosystem State across Space and Time [2011 -2013] $1,310,583
    MSU CWS/ESPP Innovation Grant Program, (Ligmann-Zielinska, Bremigan, Cheruvelil, Kramer, Soranno), Lakes as Complex Socio-Ecological Systems: Exploring the Causalities between Human Land Use Decisions and Landscape Limnological Processes to Inform Sustainable Water Conservation [2011 -2013] $49,978
    MSU Creating Inclusive Excellence, (G. Montgomery, C. Fata-Hartley, K.S. Cheruvelil, A.M. McCright), Discovering Diversity, Creating Inclusion: An Inquiry into Diversity and Science [2010 -2011] $13,475
    MSU Creating Inclusive Excellence, (M. Davis, G.R. Urquhart., C. Fata-Hartley, K.S. Cheruvelil), Making “The Lyman Briggs Experience” Inclusive: Eliminating Underteaching and Increasing Successes for ALL Students [2009 -2010] $17,000
    MSU Creating Inclusive Excellence, (G. Montgomery, C. Fata-Hartley, K.S. Cheruvelil, A.M. McCright), Discovering Diversity, Creating Inclusion: An Inquiry into Diversity and Science [2009 -2010] $14,409
    MSU Center for Water Sciences Postdoc Program, (Kendra Cheruvelil, Mary Bremigan, Daniel Kramer, Arika Ligmann-Zielinska, Pat Soranno, Katherine Webster), Understanding complex aquatic landscapes: Lakes as model systems for integrating ecology, economics, human behavior and policy [2009 -2011] $131,500
    Michigan State University Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives. Creating Inclusive Excellence Grant Program, (Kendra Cheruvelil, Cori Fata-Hartley, Aaron M. McCright, Georgina Montgomery), Discovering Diversity, Creating Inclusion: An Inquiry into Diversity and Science [2009 -2009] $14,409
    U.S. Geological Survey, (Bartholic, Wolfson, Beecher, Seedang, Thompson, Kramer, Cheruvelil, Norris), USGS Natural Resources Integrated Information System [2008 -2008] $92,335
    MSU Center for Water Sciences, (Daniel Kramer and Kendra Cheruvelil), Developing and Applying a Spatially explicit Policy Infrastructure Database to Better Understand and Manage Inland Lakes [2008 -2011] $136,700
    US Geological Survey, (Kendra Cheruvelil, Daniel Kramer), The returns on investments in the establishment of riparian buffers for water quality remediation in Michigan’s inland lakes [2008 -2009] $15,000
    MSU Internal Research Grants Program, (Kendra Cheruvelil), The effects of lake shoreline development on painted and map turtle (Chrysemys picta and Graptemys geographica) populations [2008 -2010] $39,862
    MSU Center for Water Sciences, (Kendra Cheruvelil and Orlando Sarnelle), The role of macrophytes and their management on Daphnia food quality and quantity in shallow lakes [2008 -2009] $10,000
    MSU Center for Water Sciences, (Kendra Cheruvelil and Daniel Kramer), Mapping Michigan’s Regulatory Infrastructure for Inland Lake Management [2007 -2008] $10,000

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