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People at LBC

Greg Lusk
Greg Lusk
Assistant Professor

Department: HPS
Address: E-188 Holmes
Phone: (517) 432-8026

I am a philosopher of science with specific interests in computer simulation, climate science, and environmental philosophy. I received my PhD in History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Toronto in 2015, after which I undertook a three-year postdoc at the University of Chicago. I have a dual appointment in the MSU Lyman Briggs College (75%) and the Department of Philosophy (25%). Topics of my current projects include:

  • The epistemology of computer simulation and measurement.
  • Conceptions of data and data’s role in scientific inference.
  • Quantitative reasoning in climate science and policy.
  • Values in science and science’s role within democracy.

For more information on my research and teaching, please see my website.