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People at LBC

Walter Benenson
Walter Benenson, Ph.D.
University Distinguished Professor

Department: Physics
Address: E-7 Holmes
Phone: (517) 353-3940

I teach Physics: LBC 271 and 272

My areas of Scholarship are Experimental nuclear physics and use of computers in undergraduate science education.

Published works:

Experimenting with Computers, W. Benenson, New Scientist, London, May 6, 1989,P 68
A Pill for Science?, W. Benenson, New Scientist, London, No. 1646, Page 63
Use of Frame Grabbing Techniques in Undergraduate Physics Education, W. Benenson and W. Bauer, Amer. J. of Phys. 61,9(1993)

Awards and achievements:

SBC Award for Instructional Technology,
MSU Golden Key Faculty Award,
Distinguished Faculty Award,
Humboldt Prize,
Distinguished Scientist Prize (Japan)

    2011 -Faculty Emeriti Association Outstanding Contributions by an Individual Award


Handbook of Physics book image
Handbook of Physics
The "Handbook of Physics" is a complete desktop reference for scientists, engineers, and students. A veritable toolbox for everyday use in problem solving, homework, examinations, and practical applications of physics, it provides quick and easy access to a wealth of information including not only the fundamental formulas of physics but also a wide variety of experimental methods used in practice.
Pages: 1248
Publisher: Springer
Date Published: March 2002
ISBN-13: 978-0387952697