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Catherine Westfall
Catherine Westfall, Ph.D.
Professor, emerita

Department: HPS

Honors and Professional Service

2014-2015 - Samuel von Pufendorf Institute, Visiting Research Fellow

2013-2017 - Chair line, Forum for the History of Physics, American Physical Society

2012-2014 - Founding Co-organizer and Chair, Physical Sciences Forum, History of Science          Society 

2009 - Fellow, American Physical Society



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    2017 “Between the Lines: A First Person Account of Berkeley’s Loss of Fermilab,” Physics in Perspective, 19: 91-104.
    2016 With Robert Crease, “The New Big Science,” Physics Today, 69, 30-36.
    2016 “From Desire to Data: How JLab’s Experimental Program Evolved. Part 1: From Vision to Dream Equipment, to the Mid-1980s,” Physics in Perspective, 18: 301-350.
    2015 “Physical Tourist: A Ven Adventure,” Physics in Perspective, 17: 251-258.
    2014 “Engineering the Big Chill: The Story of JLab’s Central Helium Liquefier,” to be published in Physics in Perspective, 16, No. 1, 37-68.
    2013 “Rethinking Big Science: Modest, Mezzo, Grand Science and the Development of the Bevalac, 1971-93,” Science and the American Century: Perspectives on Science, Technology, and Medicine, Sally Gregory Kohlstedt and David Kaiser University of Chicago Press. Reprinted from ISIS, 94: 30-56, 2003.
    2012 “Institutional Persistence and the Material Transformation of the US National Labs: The Curious Story of the Advent of the Advanced Photon Source,” to be published in Science and Public Policy.
    2010 'Surviving to Tell the Tale: Argonne’s Intense Pulsed Neutron Source from an Ecosystem Perspective,' Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences 40: 350-98.
    2010 'The Physical Tourist: A European Study Course,' Physics in Perspective 12.1: 89-99, with Gerd Kortemeyer.
    2009 'History of Physics: Outing the Hidden Curriculum?' American Journal of Physics 77: 875-81, with Gerd Kortemeyer.
    2008 'Introduction to the Special Issue: Surviving the Squeeze: National Laboratories in the 1970s and 1980s,' Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences 38 (2008): 475-78.
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