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People at LBC

Samantha M. F. Cass
Samantha M. F. Cass, Ph.D.
Academic Specialist

Department: Chemistry
Address: W-35 Holmes
Phone: (517) 884-0596

    Michigan State University Science and Society at State Collaborative Grant Award, (Halpern, Cass, Record, Wigner, Hendrickson), Future Design Studio [2017 -2017] $10,000
    National Science Foundation, (Sweeder, Valles, Shipman, Largent, Cass), SPRING 3: Scholarship Program for Retaining, Inspiring, and eNabling Graduates [2016 -2021] $649,279

    2011 Cass, S. M. F.; Tepe, J. J. Identification of phosphoproteins and their impact as biomarkers in cancer therapeutics. Current Signal Transduction Therapy, 2011, 6, 113.
    2009 Cass, S. M. F.; Reid, G. E.; Tepe, J. J. Synthesis of diazo-functionalized solid supports and their application towards the enrichment of phosphorylated peptides. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 2009, 7, 3291.