Welcome to LBC INQUIRE

You are entering Lyman Briggs College (LBC) to launch your journey to becoming a scientist. Each year we are pleased to welcome students who have a wide range of background experiences in math and science.

The INQUIRE Program is designed for students who will begin their academic career with Lyman Briggs in a Math Placement of MTH 1825 or MTH 103. The program offers the opportunity for you to take your science courses with a cohort in an encouraging and supportive environment. You can be a part of this program while also participating in the ESSA, DOW or other programs.

You will work with your Academic Advisor to develop a schedule at your Academic Orientation Program (AOP).

Benefits of Participating in LBC INQUIRE

You will be enrolled in LB 155 and have the opportunity to:
  • Strengthen your fundamentals in biology and chemistry before starting whole-semester biology and chemistry courses
  • Build math skills you will need in your science courses and in your later math courses
  • Develop an understanding of the connections between science and society while improving your writing skills
  • Improve study and test-taking skills
  • Team up with other students taking the same courses
  • Form connections with professors in smaller classes
  • Excel in your first year of college

INQUIRE is a great opportunity for you because:

  • You placed into MTH 1825 or MTH 103 on the MSU math placement exam
  • You will strengthen your science fundamentals before starting biology and chemistry
  • You may not have had the opportunity to take AP-level science courses in high school
  • You will build relationships with professors and classmates

“I loved LB 155, it is the perfect science course to introduce incoming freshman to what lies ahead at Lyman Briggs. It prepares you for higher level science courses. Looking back, I am grateful to have had this introduction to Lyman Briggs Science. Thank you!”
-Former Participant, 2012