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LBC Committee for Inclusivity

LBC inc. serves to promote and foster an inclusive environment and equal opportunities for all LBC students, faculty, and staff through education, research, and service. We meet monthly in order to discuss the needs of the community and to plan our programming and events (for example, these past MLK day workshops).

Our major current initiative is an Implicit Bias Project. There is strong evidence showing that nearly all of us harbor unconscious biases that may be expressed in ways that lead to harming others. Our committee has taken this background assumption as a starting point to examine the ways in which unconscious bias may arise within the Briggs community. We are looking at how the experiences of students, staff, and faculty might be subject to unintentional bias (in grading, evaluation, hiring, etc.), and we hope to make some structural changes to the college to limit or disrupt this bias.

If you would like to share an observation or make a suggestion about inclusion at Briggs, please email the committee chair at Procedures and forms for filing complaints can be found on the resources link.

(If you want to report a crime please contact the MSU police.)