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LBC students study the debate between evolution and creationism at the Creation Museum

LBC Assistant Professor, Dr. Peter White, recently took a group of 14 students from his LB 145 Biology course to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. The students chose to visit the museum as part of a course honors option that studies the relationship between evolutionary science and creationism.

During their time at the museum, Dr. White and his students looked the different claims that the exhibits made in support of creationism, as well as their portrayal of evolution. They discussed the problems with the museum’s explanation of concepts such as speciation, antibiotic resistance, and the age of the universe.

Following the field trip, the students are meeting to discuss the observations they made at the museum. They will work on group research projects and presentations based on their experience.

LBC students, Dalia Khader and Jarryd Calhou, both wrote about their experiences at the Creation Museum. Dalia is a second year student studying neuroscience at Lyman Briggs College. Jarryd is also a second year student and is studying physics.


Dalia Khader:
Going to the Creation Museum in Kentucky was definitely different than your typical Honors Option, but I really enjoyed it. The museum had many exhibits, including one on bacteria and antibiotics, which is what we’re learning a lot about in LB 145. While we walked through the museum, the exhibits and the claims that they made got me thinking about the battle between evolution and religion that we’ve been learning about in school for years. Placing the two side by side in each exhibit really makes you think critically about them. I was really surprised to see how biased they were to the religious perspective and how their claims were often contradictory. I’m really glad I decided to go because I not only enjoyed the museum, but I also enjoyed getting to know people on the trip, including Dr. White. We will all be working together to complete our presentation for our Honors option!


Jarryd Calhou:
The overall experience of the museum was quite enjoyable, however the claims made were many times without evidence or were even deceptive. I noticed a big strategy of the museum was to misrepresent well-supported scientific arguments in order to disprove them. It seemed as though the stance of the museum was that they supported science and believed that a scientific interpretation of the bible was compatible yet they stood against major scientific claims about evolution and the age of the universe. I believe it to be a fallacy to pick and choose from science when it is itself a single enterprise. This stems from the Creationist's idea that science can be mixed with religious belief. That is to say, objective observations are being mixed with subjective preconceptions. For this reason, I do not support the Creationist’s view. Even though I don't agree with Creationism, I found the museum to be enjoyable nonetheless. I am glad I attended this field trip and look forward to further analyzing the claims of the Creationists through the biology honors option project.