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Dean's Corner

Welcome back to a new academic year at Lyman Briggs College!

By Elizabeth H. Simmons, September 4, 2015

At this point, the new faculty and staff have found their offices and the coffee room, the students have gotten to know their roommates and advisors, and all courses have met at least once. So it's a great time to reflect on what brings us together as a community.

Our college exists to provide the best possible education to our students in science within societal context. We engage students in research, in teamwork, and in writing, because these skills are essential for the professions they aspire to pursue. We aim to be inclusive and welcoming of everyone in our community, because our college's vitality derives from the intellectual and experiential diversity of its members. We teach courses in mathematical and scientific disciplines integrated with courses in the history, philosophy, and sociology of science because science is a deeply human endeavor, intertwined with other areas of knowledge and exploration.

I'd like to share three essays with you that capture some of the spirit of Lyman Briggs College. The first, "Science Matters" comments on recent trends in medical education and ultimately argues that a Briggs-style curricular balance will serve students best. The second, "Humanities Strengthen Science" discusses how studying science in societal context produces stronger scientists. The third, in speaking of "The Intersections of Art and Science" heralds still further possibilities for Briggs to make connections with communities across MSU's campus.

Happy reading and I hope your semester is getting off to a great start!