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The Lyman Briggs College is a residential college that bridges the science and humanities through interdisciplinary teaching and research. It provides students with a fundamental core science education in mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics. Additionally, the core program addresses historical, philosophical, and societal concerns and consequences of modern science, technology, the environment, and medicine. Advanced undergraduate courses in the student's major are taken in the respective departmental units of the College of Natural Science, College of Engineering, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and the University at large. The majority of Lyman Briggs students pursue programs leading to advanced graduate study in the natural sciences, or professional programs related to medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, allied health, education or law. Many other students plan to enter careers in teaching at the secondary level, science writing, product representation, industry, or government service upon completion of their Bachelor of Science degree.

As a residential college, Lyman Briggs College has classrooms, laboratories, faculty offices, academic advisor offices, and administrative offices located in Holmes Hall, where all first year and many upper-level Lyman Briggs students live and learn. Because of this residential organization, students are able to develop a strong living-learning community identity by integrating academic and personal development, with faculty, staff and their peers in residence. Students are encouraged to balance their academic lives with social, cultural, athletic, service-learning, and leadership opportunities on campus and in the greater East Lansing community.

Students admitted to Michigan State University are admissible to Lyman Briggs College based initially on application date. There are no additional academic or program requirements for freshman admissions. Enrollment in the college is limited; therefore students are encouraged to apply early. Applicants should indicate their intention to become a part of the Lyman Briggs College on the Michigan State University Application for Admissions. If a student has already submitted an application and would like to apply to Lyman Briggs College, she/he should contact the Office of Admissions directly as early as possible.

Students work closely with their academic advisors and faculty in developing an individualized academic plan. All students enter the program as "no major" status and may declare a major as early as summer orientation or by the time they have earned 56 credit hours.


Lyman Briggs College is very proud to be known for its diversity and a philosophy of inclusion. For more information on how we do it, please click here.