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At Lyman Briggs College, we are dedicated to fostering a greater desire for learning while creating globally-engaged, socially-active men and women who will have an impact in the world. If you would like to help us accomplish these goals, please consider donating to our dean's strategic fund. This fund is used by the dean to address the most pressing needs of the college.

If you would like to support Lyman Briggs College today, please click here.

Perhaps the greatest need at Lyman Briggs College is the need for support for students. Turned into scholarships and various types of awards, student support funds are used to provide aide to real students who are in need of tuition support, or who represent the diversity and innovation that the college is based on.

To give to one of our student support funds, and help a student with tuition costs or living expenses, please click here.

As part of the overall education experience at Lyman Briggs College, we are happy to support a number of special projects. Briggs students are encouraged to engage with faculty in their area of interest and conduct undergraduate research, discover the world around them through a study abroad program, and explore career options through a series of lectures with distinguished professionals (many of them alumni).

For an easy way to contribute to special projects at Lyman Briggs College, please click here.


To give to the Dean's strategic fund and provide support to the most pressing needs at Lyman Briggs College today, please click here.


IIn addition to financial support, Briggs is also in constant need of volunteers to mentor our students and help with special events. To sign up as a volunteer, please contact our communications office.

(517) 884-6035

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